Make the most of the complete
assistance service offered by Immigration:

- Obtaining permanent visas in this country.
- Obtaining temporary visas, extension of these visas and their transformation into permanent ones.
- Re-obtaining Brazilian nationality.
- Obtaining necessary documents: personal identity card, worker's registration card, individual taxpayer's number and identity card ("CIC"), authorization for driving a motor vehicle
- Obtaining the documentation necessary for the opening, installation or restructuring of foreign companies in Brazil.
- Complete assistance service offered to foreign visitors to Brazil, which includes everything that is necessary in order to guarantee their well-being and that of their families:

    • suggestions regarding hotels
    • hire of vehicles
    • setting up an office
    • selection of employees
    • bilingual cicerone service
    • Sightseeing tours
    • choice of a place of residence
    • international schools for the children of foreign visitors
    • portuguese language schools
    • assistance with moving abroad
    • recommendation of sports and social clubs.

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